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I struggled with the pain of my abortion for over a decade before I finally reached out for help. Thankfully, a Forgiven and Set Free group was starting soon in my area and I signed-up. This study completely changed my life and helped me recognize that my sin of abortion wasn't too big for God to forgive. Now, I live each day knowing that Christ's sacrifice was for me too. I thank God everyday for bringing this study into my life!


As I think bout why I said yes to Forgiven and Set Free, I believe the biggest reason is that it was indeed time to release my pain. Through my time with Forgiven and Set Free, I learned to love who I was not only as a woman, but the hardest thing to swallow was loving myself as a mom! For so many years I decided to hide behind the thing that was my biggest sin and I let the pain of accepting that sin have an effect on everything I did in life. Anything that I felt physically, I would lbame on my choice of abortion. I didn't feel like I could love or deserve to be loved after what I did. But, I was wrong, because through this Bible study I learned that God will always love me and that I too am forgiven and I remind myself everyday that, 'It is finished.


Even if you feel you have already addressed your abortion, even if you've done therapy, even if you already feel forgiven, even if you're scared, even if you have 'better things' to do, go anyway. This Bible study changed more lives than "just" mine. The ripple effect that will be felt by those around me who were unknowingly suffering because of my 'unforgiveable' sin gives God glory too. I am saved and eternally grateful.

Brittany Poppe is a speaker, podcast host, and proud wife and stay at home mom. Brittany has experienced first-hand the pain of choosing abortion as she walked through the doors of an abortion facility at the young age of 17. Feeling as though she had nowhere to turn, she utilized the judical bypass law to secretly obtain an abortion without the need for parental consent. What she thought would hide her secret life choices ended up changing her life forever in a way she regretted deeply. After seeking help through a Forgiven and Set Free study, Brittany felt a calling on her heart to become a pro-life advocate and co-facilitator of the abortion recovery program that brought her hope and healing. Now, in addition to co-facilitating the Forgiven and Set Free Retreats, she speaks with Jody and the other women on the PALS panel and also hosts the podcast, "Does God Forgive Abortion?" which serves as an outlet to bring hope and healing to women all over the nation with past abortions. 

Brittany resides in Fargo, ND with her husband, Johnathon, and their two children.

Meet the Foundation

Co-Facilitator: Brittany Poppe

She has been actively involved in prolife work for four decades in a variety of organizations, including pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, adoption agencies, sidewalk advocates for life, 40 Days for Life, and numerous post abortion ministries. Jody’s passion is to help women and men who are suffering the aftermath of abortion. She was instrumental in the editing of one of the first national post abortion Bible Studies and she continues to facilitate Bible studies offering hope and helping in Christ to those suffering the aftermath of abortion. Jody facilitates a panel of women (PALs) who have undergone abortion(s) as they share their journey from guilt, shame and grief to forgiveness, hope and healing in Christ. These ladies have shared their stories in various venues throughout ND and MN to approximately 190,000 people. Jody received the Doctor Jean Garton award for her endless dedication to the cause of life.

Jody is married and has four children and seven grandchildren

Jody Clemens is a speaker, leader, and pro-life advocate on the local and state level. 

Our Founder, Jody

Joy Singh is a wife, mom, and missionary who worldschools her children and works remotely as a customer insights analyst. When she was in grad school in 2001 and facing an unplanned pregnancy at age 27, she made the devastating choice to have an abortion. What she thought would "solve" the problem only made her problems infinitely worse to the point she tried to commit suicide that same year. She survived and sought help from a church that was offering the Forgiven and Set Free study, which was life-changing for her in every aspect. God placed a strong passion for hurting women on her heart and she became involved in several pro-life efforts: counseling women at pregnancy centers, building a maternity home for single women in unplanned pregnancies, serving as a board member for ND Right to Life, facilitating programs for post-abortive women, and sharing her testimony around the world. In addition to co-facilitating Forgiven and Set Free, she also travels ND speaking on the PALS panel with Jody and the other women on the panel.

Joy resides in Bismarck, ND with her husband Nish who she met in 2013 as full-time missionaries in Brazil. They have 2 children.

Co-Facilitator: Joy Singh

Isaiah 1:18

"Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow."

When we think about the gravity of how many women that truly is, we can honestly say that every single one of us knows a woman struggling with the pain of choosing abortion in her past. Abortion has literally touched every segment of our society. We know that an increasingly high number of women will develop mental and emotional health effects years after their abortion took place. That's where we come in. We host and facilitate post-abortion healing retreats with the goal of bringing hope and healing to these women so that they may live the abundant life that we are meant to live.

1 in 4 women will have had at least one abortion by the age of 45.

You are not alone

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